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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Sun Jun 11 20:10:00 CDT 2006

No McCarthy was dangerous because he turned innuendo into proof and made
people try to disprove things that were rumors to start with.

JM: NO  - I quit school and raised my daughter doing shitty construction
work for three years.

JBH: Then how do you have claim to knowing what happened.  I was actually

JM: I have proof on the meeting above, so kiss my ass.  You stop defending a
corrupt system.

JBH: Perhaps your belief that this is proof of an NDT conspiracy is exactly
the problem.  To me it sounds like innuendo and unfounded bs.

JM: I wouldnt get elected, I am too radical.  I accept this.  You make a
perfect candidate, man of the people.

JBH: Right thats exactly my point I am just as hated as
you....exactly...only I dont think or pretend my answers supercede the
normal democratic process and I dont openly make stuff up about my

JM: Your sophistry gets you nowhere.  I give the same respect to the one
member of the committee that showed so much disrespect for my attendance at
the meeting.  I give you a hint, his initials are SM, its no secret.

JBH: You accusing me of sophistry is pretty funny given the quality of your
proof.  But if you have an issue with Steve...post about Steve...or even
better backchannel Steve and work it out....PS Steve is NO LONGER the chair
of the topic committee.  PPS. Steve is one member not a cabal.  Plus
personal issues with Steve hardly represents proof of a conspiracy within
the NDT committee or whoever the hell you are talking about.

JM: I like horse poop better, which describes your arguments.  You never
deny that the Traditional NDT folks are attempting to control the topic
committee.  Prove me wrong Plato.  U got personal attacks, but no args.

JBH: Because you cant disprove shit thats heresay and made up nonsense.
Thanks McCarthy.  Your evidence is, so far, "I know some people who say they
were at the cabal meeting." Nice work Law and Order :)

JM:Legitimate your short-comings, proves where you stand.  I said there were
four members who did not attend the tournament.  I think that is odd, and
proves a lack of genuine support.

JBH: Yes, and those who arent with us are against us....Again showing the
incredible breadth of your powers to slander and paint with the conspiracy
brush.  Going to call me a terrorist next?

JM: Corruption is dangerous, you are covering it up, I am uncovering it.

JBH: Rigghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht...look brother, you prove there is a
conspiracy I will be right there with you.

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