[eDebate] Topic/Merger/Topic Committee

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Sun Jun 11 20:26:24 CDT 2006

Hello again,

JM:Gee Wally, I thought I was saying we might as well let the NDT
organization create the topics!

JBH: No you said the traditional CEDA members were playing whipping boy to
the secret cabal.  Nice try.

JM: You should apologize for being a suck up and a sell out.  There are 3
elected members on the committee.  I have talked to some of them.  There are
2, NDT rep and ADA rep, who are not.  One is the Chair.  Both attempted to
push through the list agenda and write off the areas topic. I was there,
were you?

JBH: What exactly is your point, it could be more democratic...sure...beyond
that you are rambling incoherently....Plus the CEDA leaders are elected
which makes more than three...plus a student also elected....but bad
counting aside...

Your arguments: 1. Suck up and sell out - yes, good answer - those who
disagree with me are part of the conspiracy. 2. Push agenda and write off
list.  You asked every member to post their beliefs about topics they all
did.  You asked them to include an area topic - they did - and in a way that
makes it virtually 100% certain the area will win...they put up a blog so
everyone could follow every argument.  Agreed to a web broadcast....these
are the anti-democrats?  You are complaining?  Sounds like some went kicking
and screaming but you got your way....Democracy is messy...It worked...whats
your issue?  Beyond that are you suggesting agenda setting isnt part of what
members of any committee do?

JM: This paragraph will be written in debate history as the process of
assimilation, not cooperation.  Your really that obtuse huh?  Paying dues
means nothing grab ass.

JBH: And you claim you dont think you are on a holy mission?  This para wil
be written in debate history as?  Ok Moses.  Beyond this....Dues, voting, a
tournament, and some aspirational goals are WHAT CEDA IS moron.  The members
are what make up CEDA.  How do you plan to decide who are the good and bad
members? Will you be excising the non-conforming members...taking away
voting rights?

JM: You really have a hard time seeing the community experience
criticism.  I am giving an opinion, just like you scatter yours across
edebate.  DO I SCARE you that much?   Why are you trying to be counselor
between me and others in the community.  If you hate me josh, I can accept
it.  Maybe I don't give a shit what you think at this point.  I call it like
I see it, that is why people like you cant stand me.

JBH: What bothered me was your willingness to paint half the community as
part of an anti-democratic cabal.  I also object to your McCarthy tactics.
I accept that you dont care what I think and I know you dont like me much.

JM: If my discussion offends those in the community, you should see the
discussions the TC was having on how dumb the community is and how they
would vote for bad topics!  Does that offend you?  Should they apologize?

JBH: They could see - it was webcast - I even watched a bit.

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