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Sun Jun 11 20:29:09 CDT 2006

Acutally, they all did not!  I think 5 did.  This was part of the discussion I had with with the TC, when he was silent about what to expect, but then had such high standards that needed to be met.

JBH - You asked every member to post their beliefs about topics 
they all did.  You asked them to include an area topic - they did - and in a 
> way that makes it virtually 100% certain the area will win...they put up a 
> blog so
> everyone could follow every argument.  Agreed to a web 
> broadcast....theseare the anti-democrats?  You are complaining?  
> Sounds like some went kicking
> and screaming but you got your way....Democracy is messy...It 
> worked...whatsyour issue?  Beyond that are you suggesting agenda 
> setting isnt part of what members of any committee do?
> JM: This paragraph will be written in debate history as the process of
> assimilation, not cooperation.  Your really that obtuse huh?  
> Paying dues
> means nothing grab ass.
> JBH: And you claim you dont think you are on a holy mission?  This 
> para wil
> be written in debate history as?  Ok Moses.  Beyond this....Dues, 
> voting, a
> tournament, and some aspirational goals are WHAT CEDA IS moron.  
> The members
> are what make up CEDA.  How do you plan to decide who are the good 
> and bad
> members? Will you be excising the non-conforming members...taking away
> voting rights?
> JM: You really have a hard time seeing the community experience
> criticism.  I am giving an opinion, just like you scatter yours across
> edebate.  DO I SCARE you that much?   Why are you trying to be 
> counselorbetween me and others in the community.  If you hate me 
> josh, I can accept
> it.  Maybe I don't give a shit what you think at this point.  I 
> call it like
> I see it, that is why people like you cant stand me.
> JBH: What bothered me was your willingness to paint half the 
> community as
> part of an anti-democratic cabal.  I also object to your McCarthy 
> tactics.I accept that you dont care what I think and I know you 
> dont like me much.
> JM: If my discussion offends those in the community, you should see 
> thediscussions the TC was having on how dumb the community is and 
> how they
> would vote for bad topics!  Does that offend you?  Should they 
> apologize?
> JBH: They could see - it was webcast - I even watched a bit.
> Josh

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