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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Sun Jun 11 20:29:34 CDT 2006

Yes Jack we disagree alot, I respond alot, whatever you think I do respect
you...I purposely went out of my way NOT to reengage arguments we have
already had this year.

The rest of this is going nowhere,


On 6/11/06, debate at ou.edu <debate at ou.edu> wrote:
> Answers to Paragraph 4 -  The actual topic!
> JM: In my mind the topic is the mask. I have no preference of lists over
> areas unless the lists topics get so limited that there are only 4 affs',
> then the club that bludgeons schools with small coaching staffs will
> re-appear.
> JBH: Once again you just make stuff up and assume you know what the world
> needs.....For instance, I have two coaches most years and like list
> topics...You have two coaches and like area topics. Assuming you know
> whats
> right for everyone else is more than arrogant. At least some of us who
> think we know what is a good topic expose those views to the community and
> ask them to decide...You try to hijack the process entirely. Beyond that
> you seem to think you speak for a majority. You seem to feel you are some
> kind of messiah for the silent majority. So, on one side we have a bunch
> of
> people who put themselves up for election, gave up at least a month of
> their
> lives to get constantly insulted and pilloried by people like you.....On
> the
> other hand we have you - unelected, insulting, and seemingly omniscient
> and
> omnipotent. Standing up for us all.
> -------------------------------------------------
> I never said I speak for a majority, after 100 programs left, it would not
> surprise me if I was in the majority.  But I have the right to offer my
> opinion, and those who understand me, or have helped me formulate those
> opinions can choose as they wish.  And as I stated, I respect the hard work
> people do, just disagree with some tactics on a major level.  The
> establishment stands up for you, don't worry your position is strong and
> persuasive.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> JM: On the first day I predicted the smallest lists would include the
> discussion of abortion cases, they did. I predicted we would get lucky to
> get an AREAS topic on the ballot, we were.
> JBH: Yes, you are just like Kreskin....Only not....Thank God we have you
> around to keep us all safe. Is next week Jackie walks on water week? Or
> will it be parting the seas?
> Actually, I will watch the Heat kick the shit of the Mavs this week?  If
> you like Kreskin, I don't want to be him?
> --------------------------------------------
> Josh
> PS. Please let none of this reflect my feelings about the great work Jack
> has done with his program, his teams, or him generally as a person. My
> disagreements with Jackie are literally this deep. Virtually all of our
> arguments are on this subject. I respect him as a coach and as a person.
> However, I find much of the tone of his recent topic posts to be frankly
> scary and dangerous.
> -------------------------------------------
> I don't need your compliments Josh, I honestly do not take them
> seriously.  The simple fact that when I post almost every single time you
> answer, but fortunately for me, when you post, I really don't give a shit,
> nor feel like I need to protect the community from your ideas.
> Peace
> Jackie
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