[eDebate] The HEAT really is ON

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Sat Jun 17 14:05:00 CDT 2006

As far as Stack's foul being popular, good arg. That makes it right. Idiot.
Most people thought Maurice Clarett would make it in the NFL. Look how well
the Nostradamus like predictive powers of ESPN.com fans worked out for them.
That's as far as I will go in making logical arguments given that my
opposition to the Mavs is purely gutteral. Like, in my guts, when I watch
them, I wanna barf.

Texans dont deserve democracy. Look at what they've done with it. Youre arg
is that if I was a German in 1940 my natural pro-team would be the Nazi
Holocausters. I dont sanction UT; I oppose the whole of the state of Texas.
And, not for geographic reasons, but because Texans live there.

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