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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Sat Jun 17 15:00:47 CDT 2006


Jason, this might shock you - but if you think about it your response was by
far more idiotoc - this is actually a matter of OPINION.....Should Stack be
suspended - you say yes - I say no - the majority side with me.  I agree
most things arent questions of opinion....but my use of the poll in this
instance makes more sense than your anti-texas incoherent babbling.

If you had been in Nazi Germany you would likely have been a fan of the Nazi
Holocausters.....Or do you really think all of those millions in Germany
were just so different than us and that you are so exceptional to the
pressures of survival in such a state that you would have somehow been the

However, this is an even more moronic argument than the one you made
before.  You would have to make an argument for Texans being holocausters
then say "thats why I dont support them."  Are you saying that you would
have been an OU fan if you were raised in Cali?  You are an OU fan because
they were on TV when you grew up.  They were the local team.  Most people
form alliances with teams in exactly this way...and you did too.

This really isnt going well for you,


On 6/17/06, Jason Russell <jasonlrussell1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  As far as Stack's foul being popular, good arg. That makes it right.
> Idiot. Most people thought Maurice Clarett would make it in the NFL. Look
> how well the Nostradamus like predictive powers of ESPN.com fans worked
> out for them. That's as far as I will go in making logical arguments given
> that my opposition to the Mavs is purely gutteral. Like, in my guts, when I
> watch them, I wanna barf.
> Texans dont deserve democracy. Look at what they've done with it. Youre
> arg is that if I was a German in 1940 my natural pro-team would be the Nazi
> Holocausters. I dont sanction UT; I oppose the whole of the state of Texas.
> And, not for geographic reasons, but because Texans live there.
> J
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