[eDebate] The HEAT really is ON

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Sat Jun 17 15:07:28 CDT 2006

Again, my goal was mostly to make fun of Texas and you respond by being a
taint. What's new. I have made a rational choice to abandon my geographic
ties and be a Dallas hater. And, here's some brain surgery for ya
ubermensch, who should KC people be a fan of in the NBA? They have no home
team. They dont even have a team in geographic proximity. Also, many people
choose to be fans of talented players or great organizations or coaches
instead of having fandom shoved down their throats by the largest city in
their area demanding that they be a fan of the local team. If Chief, Jackie,
two eskimoes, and a space alien wanna hate the Mavs or love Shaq, DWade,
Riles, and the Heat, seems reasonable to me. And, youd think given your
treatise on subjective args youd get it too.

Stromboli called. He wants your attention back.


P.S. Will it ever stop being fun to rile Josh up? Short answer: no.
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