[eDebate] The HEAT really is ON

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Sat Jun 17 15:22:22 CDT 2006

Right..attack attack attack...and I am the taint...whatever...read your last
response and say I am the one being a "taint"


On 6/17/06, Jason Russell <jasonlrussell1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Again, my goal was mostly to make fun of Texas and you respond by being a
> taint. What's new. I have made a rational choice to abandon my geographic
> ties and be a Dallas hater. And, here's some brain surgery for ya
> ubermensch, who should KC people be a fan of in the NBA? They have no home
> team. They dont even have a team in geographic proximity. Also, many people
> choose to be fans of talented players or great organizations or coaches
> instead of having fandom shoved down their throats by the largest city in
> their area demanding that they be a fan of the local team. If Chief, Jackie,
> two eskimoes, and a space alien wanna hate the Mavs or love Shaq, DWade,
> Riles, and the Heat, seems reasonable to me. And, youd think given your
> treatise on subjective args youd get it too.
> Stromboli called. He wants your attention back.
> J
> P.S. Will it ever stop being fun to rile Josh up? Short answer: no.
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