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Scott T. Phillips stphill
Sat Jun 17 18:18:12 CDT 2006

Damn, i thought this was a thread abotu global warming... 


You get in a lot of arguments about things on e-debate, but you have really
gone off the deep end on this one, and it can be easily shown without resorting
to any holocaust analogies... "everyone agrees with you" may be one of the
biggest hyperboles in recent memory; basically the mavs owner and coach agree
with you. And one sports writer from chicago. Shaq's comments are based on
machismo clearly, and do not mean that this should not be a serious issue. 
This was not a "normal foul", he hit Shaq in the face with BOTH HANDS, not at
the same time, but one after the other. Stop and think, if Haslem had done this
to dirk "i love david asselhoff" digler, and had not been suspended, you would
of gone through the roof. Literally, the roof in your apt in ann arbor would
have a josh hoe shaped hole in it from where you just went through it. Rain and
what not would be coming in, but not effecting you, since you had already
vacated the premises through the roof.  The only excuse people have for this is
"shaq is big", which doesn't cut it. If at the Classic kid/faculty b-ball game
a kid double fisted you in the face there is NO WAY you would be ok when the
kid was like "you are so big". Also, as a big guy, you can clearly see a
differance between when you turn around with the ball and hit Brenda who you
were unaware was behind you because she is so small , and when someone
purposefully jumps up and hits you in the face with TWO HANDS to stop you from
making a gimme of a dunk and send you to the line. If Williams had tried to
finish the play , gone for the lay up, and been hit in the same way Stackhouse
would now be in jail awaiting trial for murder because he would have
decapitated him. That foul could not of been more clear if he had thrown a
Trident into Shaq's chest and killed a guy. The real problem with Stackhouse's
move is that he lead with his forearm, a move that could have no intention
other than to hurt the big man, you don't block shots with your forearm. Oh
yea, did I mention that after hitting Shaq in the face with one arm he then
brought his other hand through and clubbed him again?  You will be slain by the
following 2 pieces of evidence that were found in less than 2 minutes, and both
from dallas sources ( so you cant argue they are,... "taint"ed)

Dallas had plenty of warning of hard foul policy, your empirical examples and
whining are lame (though you didn't really give any other than to say "ive seen
NBA finals and I don't remember something like this)

" NBA sending message about hard fouls: In years past, hard fouls in the
playoffs seemed to be the norm. But this season, numerous hard fouls have been
called flagrant. Dirk Nowitzki was fined $15,000 by the NBA and assessed a
flagrant foul for a hard hit on Memphis' Pau Gasol in Game 4.

"It seems as if a hard foul in the playoffs has a place," Stackhouse said. "For
some reason, the league is trying not to go in that direction. They are trying
to deter players from making hard fouls. Some things you can't control. You're
going to the basket at full speed and somebody else is coming full speed, and
bodies and body parts are going to collide." "

League action consistent with policy -from the dallas morning news 
" However, the league has been consistent in its dealing with flagrant fouls.
It suspended Miami's James Posey when he had a similar foul against Chicago in
the first round. Phoenix's Raja Bell was suspended for a game for a takedown of 
Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, also in the first round."

In conclusion, heat rule mavs drool.

Oh, and one more thing, you getting on other people for supporting a team when
they dont live there is absurd. You try to rep every team from michigan, texas
and NY all the time, and im sure others. I'm sure you'll say something about
living in all those places at some point, but that is clearly very very lame. 
At least try and be consistent. 


Scott "big bandwagon" phillips

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