[eDebate] Heat facts and Fouls

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Mon Jun 19 01:14:17 CDT 2006

Roy, stick to what you know....if you find out what that is (just kidding).

To say that was a fairly called game is insane....Wade had as many fould
shots as the whole Mavs team...there were possessions where our penetrating
guards got hit twice got no call and then within one second of touching the
ball Wade got a call.  The Mavs lost by one on the heats floor despite 25
more free throws your way?  Not exactly domination..

Your silly args:

1. Called tight early - duh, still called much much more for Heat than for
Mavs...kind of a non-answer really..we will move on.

2.  The heat take it to the hole...yes, so did the Mavs...both of our guards
took it to the hole over and over and got virtually no calls.....Dirk got
hammered over and over again....Perhaps you missed all the drives by Devin
Harris...number of foul shots for Harris tonight 2-2.  Sure glad you are
edumacating us on the game of bball.

3. Hack a Shaq - yes, we ran the official hack three times strategically -
that takes you from a 25 ft disparity to 22.  Do you really honestly believe
this helps you?  If you are talking about normal called fouls on Shaq
everyone knows Shaq is the walking offensive foul....he uses his off arm on
every play to create contact...sometimes he gets hit for sure.  But acting
like 25 fouls were called intentionally hacking Shaq when we intentionally
fouled him three times is disengenuous nonsense.  You should be ashamed
officially.  There were ONLY three HAS fouls.

Nice try....ps, we did take the ball to the hole....next time keep a shot
chart - it will help your accuracy :)

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