[eDebate] Heat facts and Fouls

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Mon Jun 19 01:43:08 CDT 2006

Last response,

You conceded a couple of things
1.)     the actual foul discrpency was not big, and considering the hack a
shaq, it involved no difference
I did not concede that I actually said it was BS.....I said you subtract
three total..the rest were not intentional fouls...and like all plays with
shaq could have been called against shaq because he is the human offensive

2.)     hack a shaq produced around 15 fouls, and 12 free throws by shaq
Once again, you misunderstood my argument or didnt read it - hack a shaq are
INTENTIONAL fouls....other Shaq fouls are often not fouls or contact
initiated by Shaq himself.

3.)     when you foul a lot, you go into something called the penalty.  The
mavs often hit this early, so the fouls that normally would not be shooting
fouls, became that.  That is a consequence of the hack a shaq, you risk
giving others the opportunity to go to the line a lot.  I.e any d-wade free
throw 4 mins into the 3rd quarter.
Ha ha ha, you arent even trying to listen.....so keep saying Hack a Shaq
over and over again...if it makes you smile.

4.)     Hack a Shaq goes further then just the 4 (2 in the 4th and 2 in OT)
fouls on shaq.  Diop, and Dampier and Menegitis or whatever his name was
accumulated 15 fouls together lots of them holding shaq from even taking the
shot in the paint.  Those 15 fouls combined to make for 12 free throws.
Lord, you just made the same argument as four different sub points....my god

Here is where this discussion ends, and your claim of basketball superiority
of us all ends.  You're right I didn't keep a shot chart, but ESPN.com did
and I've included it here as evidence


JBH: It shows 13 free throw line in shots for the Mavs.....certainly as "in
the paint" as Wades off the glass fouled every time going to the line jump

Have fun with reading comprehension R,

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