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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Mon Jun 19 01:55:09 CDT 2006


Let me go farther, the Heat might very well have "deserved" to win the
game....not really my point...if there hadnt been a disparity maybe the Heat
still win.  The Mavs had opportunities that they blew...Lets not make this
about the outcome as much as the process...can we at least agree that it
sucks that the last two possessions came down to:

A) A somewhat weak foul call compared to the history of the NBA playoffs in
the last thirty seconds (plus let me mention, if that is a consistant foul
call for Wade from now on he is literally ungaurdable - he split the double
team with his off-arm - creating the contact with Harris - and his leg was
brushed as he split the 2X by Dirk)

followed by

B) The time out call or non-call...The one ref called it, then the other
refs waived it off, then the one ref insisted....Howard and the Mavs insist
that is NOT what happened....on espn news the coaches were saying that the
ref usually asks when...and Avery in the postgame adamantly said Howard used
the correct procedure....but that is he said/he said...Maybe he messed up..

Just saying, great game to see literally decided by the refs...can we at
least agree on that?


On 6/19/06, Roy R. Levkovitz <rlevkov at learnlink.emory.edu> wrote:
>  Josh-
> You're the silly one.  I don't need to know anything if I work with you,
> you know enough for both of us ;).
> I'll preface this, with this is my last post tonight, I'll answer your
> craziness in the omorning
> I know its late, but this response is particularly weak on your behalf.
> You conceded a couple of things
> 1.)     the actual foul discrpency was not big, and considering the hack a
> shaq, it involved no difference
> 2.)     hack a shaq produced around 15 fouls, and 12 free throws by shaq
> 3.)     when you foul a lot, you go into something called the penalty.
>  The mavs often hit this early, so the fouls that normally would not be
> shooting fouls, became that.  That is a consequence of the hack a shaq, you
> risk giving others the opportunity to go to the line a lot.  I.e any
> d-wade free throw 4 mins into the 3rd quarter.
> 4.)     Hack a Shaq goes further then just the 4 (2 in the 4th and 2 in
> OT) fouls on shaq.  Diop, and Dampier and Menegitis or whatever his name was
> accumulated 15 fouls together lots of them holding shaq from even taking the
> shot in the paint.  Those 15 fouls combined to make for 12 free throws.
> Here is where this discussion ends, and your claim of basketball
> superiority of us all ends.  You're right I didn't keep a shot chart, but
> ESPN.com did and I've included it here as evidence
> http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/shotchart?gameId=260618014
> Heat had 13 shots in the pain
> Mavs had 3 or 3.5 depending on if you count one from the top right that is
> sorta in the paint.
> The mavs just don't play the same game the heat do, their game is
> successful, but does not involve taking it to the whole and inducing foul
> shots, its just not the west coast game, it's the typical game played in the
> east.
> White Hot Heat Fan
> Roy
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