[eDebate] Heat facts and Fouls

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Mon Jun 19 01:58:08 CDT 2006

If that foul had been part of a disparity then you have an argument (there
was a make-up call against the Mavs later in the game).....its a 25 free
throw disparity....that is not the same thing or a good analogy.

Also he got called for doing a chin-up after the dunk which is exactly what
that rule was instituted to prevent....you can only do that if you are doing
it to stop yourself from landing on a prone player.

How about the carry call on Terry?  My point wasnt random odd fouls it was
massive disparity...you are answering a different argument (are refs


On 6/19/06, FijiPapabear at aol.com <FijiPapabear at aol.com> wrote:
>  I find it ironic that its always the team that loses has its fans blame
> the refs.
> But unfair, look at how DWade got called for a technical for hanging on
> the rim to long.
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