[eDebate] "facts" and fouls

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Mon Jun 19 03:35:42 CDT 2006

>>I don?t know that the heat are the better team, but
to say that the refs called 
this game unfairly on behalf of the heat shows an
utter lack of understanding 
of the game of basketball. 

Well, now that you wrote that, I'm convinced. :)

The Mavs attacked the rim also.  Unfortunately, they
had a tougher time getting there because of the refs. 
Some important explosive quickness rim attacks were
initiated by Devin Harris, who was mugged en route on
several occasions.

If defense for Devin Harris' drives got judged by the
same standard as Wade's drives, Mavs win by at least
four (assuming that Harris makes his free throws.)

Wade set a record for free throws.  He wasn't being
treated rough - he just got every single benefit of
the doubt call for any contact whatsoever, regardless
of movement or how the contact was initiated.
Basically, the refs rolled out a red carpet to the rim
for him.

That game was judged according to the New Dwade

"If a butterfly flaps its wings in Beijing...it
probably had contact with Wade and something to do
with Cuban.  Send Wade back to the line."

>>An issue to the periphery of all of this is the
Suspension of Stackhouse- 
anyone with a brain knew this game was gonna be called
a lot tighter. The 
first 3 mins of the game, the refs had already called
2 fouls on Haslem and 
Walker, forcing riley to bring in seldom used Shannon
Anderson. So lets not 
pretend the heat were not adversely effected by the
tighter officiated game. 

The Heat obtained benefits from the tighter officiated

Even with no disparity, the Heat would have benefitted
simply because of tempo, but that's another question.

>>Argument: the heat show 49 free throws and the mavs

That's not the arg, exactly.  The arg concerns the
mechanics of how they got to that disparity in some
specific cases.

You are correct in that Dallas' strategy resulted in
more free throw attempts for Shaq.  Who cares?  He
didn't make them.  The real problem (for Dallas) was
Wade's endless parade to the line, which broke an NBA

You're also correct in that Miami should shoot more
free throws on average than Dallas.  

It's not simple a matter of total FTA disparity,
though.  The refs distorted the game by establishing
diplomatic immunity for Wade.  There's a broad gulf
between making Miami's star untouchable on virtually
every drive, and tagging Walker when he forgets actual
defense.  (This happens, I've been watching 'Toine's
amnesiac breaks for years; it's eerie.)

I'm not actually answering your arguments, of course.
I'm mostly taking the opportunity to make fun of the
officiating.  More.  Which it deserves.  Because it
was that bad.  And worse.  We'd probably need game
tape and a pointer to debate this properly; maybe
someday we will.

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