[eDebate] 7'0 - cant play center!

doug dennis blackdebateguy
Mon Jun 19 10:47:27 CDT 2006

why can't Dirk guard Shaq? because there's not ANYONE in the league than can 
guard him, at any time since he's been in the league (although i will give 
The Dream his due in his dominance over Shaq  in the Jordan Baseball Days)

Doug D
UC Santa Cruz

ps: can't we talk about the topic? isn't this a debate listserv?  :) talk to 
me about our topic vote...

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>Subject: [eDebate] 7'0 - cant play center!
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>So I was wondering, why would you pust little van horn on Shaq when dirk is 
>obviously bigger than?
>Why cant Dirk guard Shaq?
>Hasnt poppy put big softy jr. on Shaq after his main two centers got in 
>foul trouble?
>Hes that big but cant guard big people?
>Notice: These are all questions!
>Not this though:
>I did say after game two the heat were gonna kik the shizzles out of Dallas 
>this week.  I hope they do the same next week.
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