[eDebate] Heat facts and Fouls

Aaron Kall mardigras23
Mon Jun 19 10:59:22 CDT 2006

The NBA Finals Officials are the best officials in the league.  They are 
rated by every team and coach in the league (including Dallas) and chosen 
for the Finals because they are the highest rated officials.  So, to 
complain about the best refs in the NBA that your team and all others 
reviewed well seems silly.

The call with 1.9 seconds left could have gone either way, but I have mixed 
feelings about whether referees should call the game in a different way in 
the closing seconds than the entire rest of the game.  Even if the foul 
wasn't called, Wade would have probably gotten his own rebound and scored 
anyway- that's what great players do.

While I find myself usually never agreeing with Roy, his point about the 
contrasting styles of the teams is correct.  Miami's best player drives to 
the basket everytime- of course he's going to get a lot of foul calls- ala 
Michael Jordan.  Dallas's best player is 7 feet tall and takes fade away 
jump shots.  If you are 7 feet tall and fading away, no one can jump that 
high to come close to fouling you.  Especially when Dirk is being guarded by 
James Posey and Haslem, who are both only 6'8.  If you want to get more foul 
calls, Dirk should drive to the basket more.  Also, as Roy indicated, Dallas 
employed the Hack-a-Shack.  So, when you combine these two facts, it's 
obvious that the Heat are gonna go to the line more.  Now if the Heat would 
have made more than 65 percent of their free throws, the game wouldn't have 
even been as close.

Go Heat.


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