[eDebate] stop crying dallas fans

Paul Johnson paulj567
Mon Jun 19 11:58:40 CDT 2006

Umm, Dallas' defense has been pretty good this series.
 Besides Dwayne Wade, the rest of Miami has pretty
much sucked. One or two extra guys per game <Posey,
Walker> has a solid game here and there. To Wade's
credit, the Mavs are making him work and he is getting
points. The issue is not the Mavs defense, period. Its
been good enough to win. I mean a game that finishes
after an overtime with the teams just barely in the
hundreds is a game that features good defense. The
Heat are being held to around, pointwise, what they
need to be held to. The real issue is the mavs have
been shooting a few clicks below their usual pace and
this has caused them to lose a couple close games. 

The Heat have played well, but come on- their defense,
especially on the perimeter flat out sucks. If Detroit
had not caught a case of "cant freaking shoot", that
series certainly would have gone 7 games. The open
looks they got in game 5 and missed? jesus if I was a
Pistons fan I would've been furious. Miami's defense
has not been adequate, they have been lucky. Jason
Terry gets an open shot on ANY possession he wants.
These are the facts, they are indisputable. It is
still Dallas's fault that they are behind in the
series, but they have only put together one complete
offensive game and still very nearly have won 2 of the
last 3. Miami could not hope to play any better than
they <Wade> have been over the last couple games. 

Personally, I see a Mavs win in Game 6 and a very
competitive and entertaining Game 7, where the Real
Dirk finally rears his head.

I agree with much of your snark, Mal Gor, just not the
shot at the D.


> Tell you what, though, i'm just in awe of this Mavs
> Defense.  I'm so 
> impressed.  This D is so much better than anything
> I've ever seen before.  
> Well, if Dirk doesn't want Wade to be the MVP he
> better do something.

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