[eDebate] Heat facts and Fouls

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Mon Jun 19 12:23:13 CDT 2006

Aaron and Roy,

Wade is not "taking it to the hole" anymore than the Mavs are....LOOK at the
SHOT chart.  The vast majority of his points were on JUMPERS banked OFF THE
GLASS.  Both teams were taking it to the hole.....the XXXX OOOO you see
literally by the basket are shots taken by Shaq not Wade.  Both Terry and
Harris attacked the goal over and over just like Wade did.  Wade did not
have dunks at the goal or shots at the goal...he did the same thing Harris
and Terry did....he just got calls.

Now, the best officials argument is just silly....Most people recognize the
NBA as the worst refereed sport....some people (Simmonds) for instance
dedicate whole columns to it (not in regards to the Mavs).  The problem isnt
that they called fouls its that they called them ONE way on drives.  That is
why Avery got a T....Harris drove to the basket - got smacked twice...no
call....immediately after crossing the timeline and getting the ball to Wade
he gets some body contact - BOOM foul....this was fairly typical of the
evening hence 25 FT disparity.

Should the Mavs have still found the fortitude to come up with a few shots
at the end...sure...winners win...losers lose...blah blah blah....but its a
fair argument to say refs should call the same fouls both ways,

BTW that last foul was not a foul.....Wade created the contact with his off
arm on Harris and Dirk at worst had accidental leg to leg contact.  If you
think that is a typical NBA end of a finals game foul you are straining

Finally, the difference between that call and the SA foul is Dirk was in the
act of shooting and got hit across his shooting arm.  Still a bailout call
but a MUCH more typical bailout call.


On 6/19/06, Aaron Kall <mardigras23 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> The NBA Finals Officials are the best officials in the league.  They are
> rated by every team and coach in the league (including Dallas) and chosen
> for the Finals because they are the highest rated officials.  So, to
> complain about the best refs in the NBA that your team and all others
> reviewed well seems silly.
> The call with 1.9 seconds left could have gone either way, but I have
> mixed
> feelings about whether referees should call the game in a different way in
> the closing seconds than the entire rest of the game.  Even if the foul
> wasn't called, Wade would have probably gotten his own rebound and scored
> anyway- that's what great players do.
> While I find myself usually never agreeing with Roy, his point about the
> contrasting styles of the teams is correct.  Miami's best player drives to
> the basket everytime- of course he's going to get a lot of foul calls- ala
> Michael Jordan.  Dallas's best player is 7 feet tall and takes fade away
> jump shots.  If you are 7 feet tall and fading away, no one can jump that
> high to come close to fouling you.  Especially when Dirk is being guarded
> by
> James Posey and Haslem, who are both only 6'8.  If you want to get more
> foul
> calls, Dirk should drive to the basket more.  Also, as Roy indicated,
> Dallas
> employed the Hack-a-Shack.  So, when you combine these two facts, it's
> obvious that the Heat are gonna go to the line more.  Now if the Heat
> would
> have made more than 65 percent of their free throws, the game wouldn't
> have
> even been as close.
> Go Heat.
> Aaron
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