[eDebate] 7'0 - cant play center!

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Mon Jun 19 12:25:15 CDT 2006

Um, because they dont want to foul out their best offensive player maybe?
Because they have three seven footers who are not offensive
threats....Because sometimes they go small....Because sometimes he does
(they often went small with Dirk at center)....Because Shaq outwieghs him by
100 pounds....I think that is enough,


On 6/19/06, debate at ou.edu <debate at ou.edu> wrote:
> So I was wondering, why would you pust little van horn on Shaq when dirk
> is obviously bigger than?
> Why cant Dirk guard Shaq?
> Hasnt poppy put big softy jr. on Shaq after his main two centers got in
> foul trouble?
> Hes that big but cant guard big people?
> Notice: These are all questions!
> Not this though:
> I did say after game two the heat were gonna kik the shizzles out of
> Dallas this week.  I hope they do the same next week.
> Massey
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