[eDebate] 7'0 - cant play center!

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Mon Jun 19 12:41:14 CDT 2006


 So Dirk cant play defense without fouling, or is it the whole team that has
> this problem?

Nobody can straight up gaurd shaq in the half court...That is why all teams
(aside from Detroit who paid a hefty price) double team him.  Shaq is bigger
by far than any other player in the league...even 7'6 Yao has problems with
him.  Nobody can play Shaq straight up without fouling him or being fouled
by him (Shaq tends to clear out with the off hand which is a foul on anyone
but him usually).  It is stupid to put your best offensive player in a
situation where he can foul out.

Name the team that has defended Shaq well one on one and you have an
argument.  Historically it doesnt happen.  I dont mean this as an insult but
NOBODY who has ever played basketball would make this argument and NO coach
in the NBA would consider what you suggest.

> >Because they have three seven footers who are not offensive
> > threats....Because sometimes they go small....Because sometimes he
> > does(they often went small with Dirk at center)
> I could not have said it better myself.

Not sure what you proved there.....Yes, you use your big bodies that arent
critical to your offense to D up Shaq...Basketball 101.

> ....Because Shaq
> > outwieghs him by
> > 100 pounds....I think that is enough,
> And he outweighs van horn by 200 lbs -- why cant dirk step up?

He does, they dont ever intend Van Horn to guard Shaq one on one....You are
missing the point....Every possession where Shaq gets a touch he is
doubled....Van Horn is not left on an island....Also Van Horn is not always
in when Dirk is....Also Dirk is often the double on Shaq which pretty much
devestates your argument.

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