[eDebate] Heat facts and Fouls

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Mon Jun 19 13:32:28 CDT 2006

No, I wont blame the refs, and I believe the Mavs still should have won that
game even with all the crazy stuff.

However, that was a bad call....I dont like the refs deciding games.

If we lose the series we lose because Dirk and others arent hitting free
throws down the stretch that would have probably won two games in miami.

Doesnt mean I shouldnt call out bad refereeing when I see it, Wade created
the contact with Harris and Dirk might maybe have touched his shorts with
his leg.


On 6/19/06, Malcolm Gordon <malgorthewarrior at hotmail.com> wrote:
> it's kinda hard to focus on typing this out because of all the loud
> crying.
> boohooo. we gave up a huge lead in one game, and can't keep Wade below 15
> points in the fourth quarter, so it's the officials fault. everything is
> outrageous.  The refs haven't made a single unfair call that benefited
> Dallas.  It's rigged because of Mark Cuban, I can't believe they got to
> the
> line so much.  it's a wonder you were able to get out of bed this morning
> for all the weeping.
> Play defense on Wade, Mavs, take a charge.  If you are going to hit his
> arm,
> just hold on to is and prevent him from making his shot.  Stop pretending
> like this is only going against Dallas.
> you say its important because it's a game changing call, but so is a NO
> The SA foul I was refering to was the very end of 4th quarter of GAME 7,
> when Tim got an offensive rebound and there were 3 dallas players hanging
> from his arms as put the ball up.  That was a no call that took the game
> to
> OT and allowed ure (current) team a trip to the west conf finals.  An
> official changing the outcome of a game.
> Tell me, was the 13 point comeback a ref conspiracy theory?  How about the
> 24 point pounding?
> Bad calls happen in every sport 7 game series.  The funny part is that IF
> the mavs wind up losing everyone will cry and blame the refs for game 5
> instead of blaming bad play in games 3 and 4.  but of course i'm 100
> percent
> wrong and everyone else has these really objective views of the
> officiating
> calls that prove Dallas should have won game 5....pure dumbassery.
> malgor
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