[eDebate] Mavericks fans

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Mon Jun 19 14:19:15 CDT 2006


Would this be another one of those times where you are openly insulting and
name calling and then call me a taint for calling you on it?

<Classic example - Russell calls Josh an idiot....Josh responds to the
argument about which Josh is called an idiot rather than make an argument
Russell calls Josh a taint for responding.  Its never you Jason.>

Or one of those times where you change all your arguments to serve your
purpose as they evaporate?

Or one of those times you label someone without listening to the argument
they are making (when they have conceded that it is a bad loss and that they
should have hit free throws but that it was a bad call and refs shouldnt
decide games).

Or, are you siding with your boss because you would play Dirk straight up
against Shaq too?  Really?

Or, you just still pissed at me about something else?

I will try to grow up, but after this please backchannel the personal
attacks and we can work those out one on one ok?


On 6/19/06, Jason Russell <jasonlrussell1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Are the worst, bottom line. White dudes living the dream of the new
> Celtics, contantly engaging in the same bitchery that Cuban exhibits by
> ALWAYS blaming the REFS and RANDOMLY capitalizing WORDS in edebate POSTS, as
> if anyone CARES. I dont like the Heat that much, but I love that the Heat
> make Dallas fans whine. Number 1-12 reasons not to like Dallas: Dallas fans.
> I cant tell whether they are watching an airing of Beaches on Oxygen or
> basketball they are whining so much. It is highly possible that Magic card
> fans are more mature and realistic than Dallas fans. GROW UP!
> J
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