[eDebate] the Stanley Cup

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Jun 19 22:36:35 CDT 2006

so post last year how many people in carolina care....do the people in
hartford care?

On 6/19/06, Darren Elliott <delliott at kckcc.edu> wrote:
> How did the refs do?
> : )
> chief
> >>> "Donald Bryson" <anabaptist at alltel.net> 06/19/06 10:02 PM >>>
> I have completely lost interest in the NBA Finals, but while the NBA
> Finals have been going on so have the Stanley Cup Finals....America's most
> unwatched but nonetheless exciting championship.
> It went to Game 7, but the Canes won it out.  If you didn't watch, you
> missed a fantastic and far more exciting series than the Dirk v. Shaq
> showdown (also known as Ex Parte Hoe, Hoe v. Levkovitz, and Hoe v. UMiami
> Debate).  Amazing goaltending, hard hits, harder shots, and a lot of
> effort.  Simply amazing.
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