[eDebate] Mavericks supporters retract

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Tue Jun 20 15:05:51 CDT 2006

Once again not paying attention (keeping up with the new stuff), that
happened after the whistle as Cuban and others have mentioned...and is still
totally weak sauce (as Malgor would say).

Is your argument that Wilbon is a more knowlegable NBA source?  Virtually
everyone thinks nobody knows the NBA like Simmons and you are probably a fan
too (when you arent writing your silliness).  Wilbon also called the Heat
the whole way.

You seem to think that me complaining has something to do with the Mavs
complaining.  After the game the Mavs were pissed...Dirk and Cubes got
fined....what else have you heard from the Mavs?  The rest of this is
fans...and last I checked we dont get to play (thank God).

I suspect they will play hard tonight with or without your help or
comments.  Just like they will with or without mine.

This mystical - if a fan complains that means somehow the Mavs are whiners
things is pretty silly and kind of scary intellectually.

This is like saying if you dont agree with the Bush administration you are
one of the terrorists (if you dont just suck it up your team will lose).


On 6/20/06, Jason Russell <jasonlrussell1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Simmons is a bozo and everyone knows it. There's a reason he is on page 2
> with credible source like Jesse the Body and various other know-nothings.
> Wilbon retracted his post-game complaints about the final call for the Heat
> saying that there is quote definitive evidence unquote that Devin Harris
> grabbed Wade's arm. The refs misassigned the foul to Dirk, but the foul was
> real. Moreover, he ALSO notes that there was a foul at the end of
> regulation, which WASNT called. Also, real ballers dont cry. Wade and the
> Heat didnt throw a fit and accuse the league of cheating them when DWade did
> not get his call to win the game at regulation. I repeat my admonition that
> the Mavericks, Dirk, Cuban, and everyone else chin up, get your game on, and
> stop accusing the league of conspiracies and cheating. The Heat won fair and
> square and now the game goes back to a tough and incensed Dallas home court.
> Should be a great finish to one of the most exciting finals series in recent
> memory. Presuming that Dallas fans can stop choking back tears and
> consulting Oliver Stone, they should enjoy the series even if they dont end
> up winning.
> J
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