[eDebate] Mavericks supporters retract

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Tue Jun 20 15:19:40 CDT 2006

One other thing:

"Simmons is a bozo and everyone knows it,"

He is by far the most popular columnist ESPN has...His book was a massive
best seller....You often hear his bits quoted and copied all over the sports
universe.  Plus, I bet you read him like it was your job,


On 6/20/06, Jason Russell <jasonlrussell1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Simmons is a bozo and everyone knows it. There's a reason he is on page 2
> with credible source like Jesse the Body and various other know-nothings.
> Wilbon retracted his post-game complaints about the final call for the Heat
> saying that there is quote definitive evidence unquote that Devin Harris
> grabbed Wade's arm. The refs misassigned the foul to Dirk, but the foul was
> real. Moreover, he ALSO notes that there was a foul at the end of
> regulation, which WASNT called. Also, real ballers dont cry. Wade and the
> Heat didnt throw a fit and accuse the league of cheating them when DWade did
> not get his call to win the game at regulation. I repeat my admonition that
> the Mavericks, Dirk, Cuban, and everyone else chin up, get your game on, and
> stop accusing the league of conspiracies and cheating. The Heat won fair and
> square and now the game goes back to a tough and incensed Dallas home court.
> Should be a great finish to one of the most exciting finals series in recent
> memory. Presuming that Dallas fans can stop choking back tears and
> consulting Oliver Stone, they should enjoy the series even if they dont end
> up winning.
> J
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