[eDebate] the heat WAS on,,,,, this Title is DONE!

Josh Branson harobran
Wed Jun 21 02:13:19 CDT 2006

"I have to say No-heartsky is such a whiner. An all in all bad sport. Big 
spoiled brat who always got his way obviously. He must guard someone smaller 
than him and gets defended very well by those smaller than him. I would have 
more respect if they were not such sore losers."

Man that really makes it tough for the mavs. They choke away a heartbreaking 
series, but the thing that'll really bother the mavs and their fans is that 
they lost basketball analysis icon Jackie Massey's respect. I'm not sure 
which will be more devastating for Dirk, the fact that he has to suffer the 
devilishly clever moniker "no-heartsky", the fact he's spoiled, or the fact 
that he's guarded by people shorter than him. He should quit the NBA now, 
b/c Shaq is apparently destined to be winning rings until he's 44. And more 
importantly, Shaq has Massey's respect. Lucky guy.


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