[eDebate] Heat champs

Darren Elliott delliott
Wed Jun 21 04:34:13 CDT 2006


Are you kidding me?  We have known each other too long for you to be serious.  If I truly upset or added to the long misery of Mavs fans out there then I would feel bad.  But I do not feel bad for calling the Mavs and the likes of Cuban and Nowitsky classless whiners.  Do not defend the big guy kicking balls into the stands or shoving equipment that is not his.  Do you defend debaters who punch holes in walls at schools when they lose?  Come on.  To call me classless is a typical shift the blame strategy that is below you.  I never called Josh classless or a whiner.  You are a fan you have every right to bemoan the refs.  Its part of the game.  For the Mavs players and Cuban to do it in the manner they do is uncalled for.  The leagues leveling of fines seems to be with me on this.

And for the record while my attacks were not personal against you may I remind you of what your posts have "shown" over the last month:

You called us Kansas folks bandwagon jumpers.
You told Malcolm me had a basketball iq of 1.
You called Russell idiotic.
You called Malcolm stupid.
You called Malcoms arguments ignorant.
You made fun of KC sports and us not having an NBA team.
You called Malcolm irrational and incoherent.
And add tonight you openly calling me classless.

While I could make jokes, and funny ones that they would appreciate, about the Malcolm and Russell statements I will just say your posts on these issues were much more mean-spirited than mine ever was.  And I wont even cry about how long KC fans have waited for a championship yet you openly mocked us on this listserv.  Shame!

Come on Josh lighten up!


>>> "Josh Hoe" <jbhdb8 at gmail.com> 06/20/06 11:52 PM >>>
2. Unnecessary nonsense - Darren - your post tonight was classless and
unnecessary.  There are alot of us on this listserv that have waited since
1983 for the Mavs to have a chance at a championship...I can remember every
single playoff game in Mavs history....I remember where I was when Roy
Tarpley was suspended.  I remember losing so many times to the Spurs.  Many
of us have spent decades hurting over the close playoff losses of this
team.  Rubbing salt in painful wounds after you should be celebrating shows
something and it is not something good.


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