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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
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Probably a better way to say all this is apologies all around....Malgor said
smacktalking things to me and I to him....Russell said smacktalking things
to me and I to him....DE said things to me and visa versa.  However, I will
stick by the "dont rub salt in the recently opened wound" mantra.  I
actually love Malgor (one of the funniest fellows in debate), Russell (who
could be my brother really although probably the kind that fight all the
time), and you (only judged you like 20 times in the day), believe it or not
Jackie and I have known each other since the 80s.

Also apologies to the edebate masses who could care less about basketball
for wasting your time for like a month.  Hopefully, this will be my last
basketball post.

Line by line:

DE: But I do not feel bad for calling the Mavs and the likes
 of Cuban and Nowitsky classless whiners.

JBH: I said kicking the losers when they were down is classless.  I will
stick by that.  Celebrate your victory dont add an extra kick after we
lose.  You can think that all you want - but adding the "and I am happy that
you lost twist right after the game is insanely rough.

DE: Do not defend the big guy kicking balls into the stands or shoving
equipment that is not his.  Do you defend debaters who punch holes in walls
at schools when they lose?

JBH: Dont defend it, but certainly would rather see that than someone who
doesnt care about winning and losing.  If he doesnt show how upset he is you
call him a robot and a player with no heart (2005 playoffs - see not a team
leader, doesnt play hard enough, doesnt care enough, typical Euro player)
and if he gets mad he is a classless lout.  The guy got beat up the whole
series and wanted it bad but just couldnt make it happen...he left his heart
on the floor and in the stands and on an exercise bike...I certainly
understand that.

DE: Come on.  To call me classless is a typical shift the blame strategy
that is below you.  I never called Josh classless or a whiner.  You are a
fan you have every right to bemoan the refs.  Its part of the game.  For the
Mavs players and Cuban to do it in the manner they do is uncalled for.  The
leagues leveling of fines seems to be with me on this.

JBH: Cuban got fined for staring at Stern and ragging Derosa Dirk got fined
for kicking the ball.  Your posts timing was the part that seemed a bit over
the top not your feelings.  I didnt shift the blame...part one of my post
was "Heat deserved to win" they did....They outplayed and out-hearted us
last night...No doubt about it.  I never said you said I was classless or a
whiner I said you shouldnt come over the top on us like that.

DE: You called us Kansas folks bandwagon jumpers.

JBH: Well, it did seem odd that there were a cadre of Heat fans in KC....But
whatever, I was pretty much being playful with Malgor in those posts (smack
talking etc)

DE: You told Malcolm me had a basketball iq of 1.

JBH: Well, there was alot of mutual smack-talking in that one - he did say
that the Suns would win and the Shaq would be the dominant player in this
series (niether true).

DE: You called Russell idiotic.

JBH: Actually Russell called me idiotic - I believe it was "idiot" actually.

DE: You called Malcolm stupid.

JBH: No I said that argument is stupid

DE: You called Malcoms arguments ignorant.

JBH: Whats wrong with that?  I love Malgor....wasnt about him was about the

DE: You made fun of KC sports and us not having an NBA team.

JBH: I actually remember when KC did have an NBA team....and I think I even
mentioned World B. Free...I actually like KC quite a bit and love Kauffman
stadium...I think you misunderstood me on that one.

DE: You called Malcolm irrational and incoherent.

JBH: He said pretty much the same to me and it was in the stream of back to
back smack talking emails.  My point has never been dont smack talk...It was
maybe five minutes after the end of the series is a bit early?  You are
right, its not 9-11...but come on.  Again I called his argument incoherent
not him...I did make fun of his affirmatives from last year :)

DE: And add tonight you openly calling me classless.

JBH: In fairness I said raking us Dallas fans over the coals right after we
lost was classless.  Sorry if you think I mean it in a larger sense.

DE: While I could make jokes, and funny ones that they would appreciate,
about the Malcolm and Russell statements I will just say your posts on these
issues were much more mean-spirited than mine ever was.  And I wont even cry
about how long KC fans have waited for a championship yet you openly mocked
us on this listserv.  Shame!

JBH: You have had championships...Royals?  Although the Chiefs are for sure
overdue.  I am not sure you really were getting me there....I actually love
KC and KC sports....A large percentage of my best friends are fans of KC
sports.  Although most of my experience is with Kauffman, I love the negro
league HOF, remember where the Kings are really from, and remember the
Nigerian nightmare well.

Five minutes after total team meltdown is not usually my best "lighten up"

Are you really saying kicking us after you won was the best strategy?

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