[eDebate] iraq debate database

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed Jun 21 13:38:53 CDT 2006

nice off topic whine but what is your big answer to your complicity with the 
iraq war seeing as university research into weapons and culture is being 
used to facilitate murder?

if you just had a good answer or any answer at all other than a whine, we 
might even think that you were or are an actual debater who knows how to 
flow and not one of those 70s extemp types?

you don't have an answer.   you are a sleepwalker who condones systematic 
mass murder.   a crybaby who worries about what's in his inbox.

when there is an illegal war that involves out of control troops 
participating in mass murder and the universities are part of the array of 
forces linked to the military, THEN THE RESOLUTION IS IRRELEVANT AND THOSE 
US MURDER SQUAD WITHDRAWAL.   and your answer is, whiny dabaiter poster boy?

you also have no answer to the claim that those in the "dabait" community 
who are opposed to the war could actually do something more effective to 
stop the war and the vietnam era student example proves which is the old 
spanos evidence not taken seriously enough by those who have used it for the 
exclusive purpose of winning rounds only and not because the thesis of the 
argument changes their current way of thinking about submission to 
university authorities and fear of disciplinary reprisals.   taking drugs is 
not the kind of disobedience which actually threatens university authorities 
or their war.   in fact, those on drugs who feel that they are 
"transgressing" control or that their drug use combined with their "dabait 
speech" or "dabait pedagogy" are transgressing control are models for the 
elimination of real civil disobedience as a student tactic.    drug use and 
dabait speeches are relatively safe forms of resistance to authority that 
after a certain threshold of ZERO RESULT become techniques of coopting civil 
disobedience.   drug use and philosophy talk were not the key power plays 
that helped force nixon to withdraw murder squads from vietnam.   if they 
were the key components of the student strategies, then the war would not 
have ended and new forms of control to bribe students out of civil 
disobedience would not have been invented in the "dabait" community and 
student population at large.   the best way to stop the war is to give 
speech a against it with a pony tail and your shoes off while reading the 
spanos evidence about civil disobedience and stick to the idea that is 
always better to read the evidence about civil disobedience in place of 
actual civil disobedience b/c that is more radical especially barefoot.    
that's the old burroughs evidence from the job in your holy archives, bra

>From: jackstoube Isamoron <ilovemesomebush at yahoo.com>
>To: edebate at ndtceda.com, infracaninophile at hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: [eDebate] iraq debate database

>Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 14:22:59 -0700 (PDT)
>This is a tremendous service for the community, suggesting new resolutions 
>that could make everyone more politically active.  How 'bout these:
>Resolved: Stroube should be forced to come up with a more creative email 
>Resolved: Stroube should go back on his meds.
>Resolved: We should converse about the frickin' debate topic.
>Resolved: Stroube should drink a big glass of "shut the hell up."
>Resolved: When EVEN JAMES THOMAS thinks you've gone off topic, it's time to 
>give it up.
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