[eDebate] Mavericks supporters retract

Andrew Michael-Don Casey acasey3
Wed Jun 21 14:53:16 CDT 2006

alright, you got me, i was bored and just thought you sounded wrong. 
Now that i have a second I guess i'll make an argument.

Your popularity argument is ridiculous. a.) because of the lack of 
ability to measure his popularity in contrast to wilbon's and b.) 
because high popularity doesn't assert any reason why that made him 
right in the instance you are discussing.

You misconstrued the Coulter reference. Ann Coulter is a best seller. 
that does not mean that she made a good argument nor does it mean Bill 
simmons made a good argument.

Now, Wilbon is better than simmons:

1.) Credentials. Simmons has the fact that he wrote a book and is a 
columnist for espn. Wilbon, however, has the following: 
Michael Wilbon, a pioneer of sports columnists, co-host for ESPN?s 
Pardon the Interruption which debuted on September 22, 2001. The fast 
paced sports talk that has become one of ESPN?s most watched shows. 

Wilbon joined The Washington Post in 1980 as a general assignment 
sports reporter, and since 1990 has been as a full time sports 
columnist. He has covered a wide variety of sports, including 
professional soccer, college football and basketball, Major League 
Baseball, the NFL, and NBA. Since 1984 Wilbon has been part of The 
Washington Post?s Olympics coverage. As a columnist, he offers 
commentary on the national issues of the day as they relate to sports. 

In 2001, the Society of Professional Journalists named Wilbon the top 
sports columnist of the year. Wilbon has been among the top three 
national sports columnists selected by the Associated Press Sports 
Editors three times. 

Simmons is kind of an idiot. His latest article on espn.com is a 
discussion of how the NBA will die because the heat won. His argument 
is that the way the heat play basketball is too cliche and will cause 
an adoption toward that style of play versus the Suns/Mavericks style 
and kill the NBA. All of his premises are defeated by the Pistons win 
two years ago along with the fact that players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron 
James, and Dwayne Wade are the most exciting players to watch in the 
game (following the same MJ model that simmons despises). 

I would go into more detail about the lunacy of simmons article but its 
irrelevant. at the very least simmons is biased toward the mavericks 
(he has no love for the game if all he wants to see is high scores and 
no D)...while Wilbon (Chicago Native) is not.


Josh Hoe wrote:

>Thats just silly, you just "popularity is not an argument" then made NO
>argument for Wilbon being a better sports writer than Simmons.....Nice 
>I say he is very popular with SPORTS FANS - you say "not an argument"
>(although it actually is).
>You say Coulter popular but not good - but if the question was "who is 
>at writing right wing propoganda" she would win in a landslide.  I 
didnt say
>he was "popular" I said he was popular with ESPN readers and SPORTS 
>Then you assert Wilbon better than Simmons with zero arg,
>On 6/21/06, Andrew Michael-Don Casey <acasey3 at ucok.edu> wrote:
>> Once again, popularity is not an argument. Ann Coulter was a best
>> seller, that does not mean she knows anything about politics.
>> Wilbon > Simmons.
>> -AC
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