[eDebate] Alito.. YAY RE: Death penalty upheld by S. Ct.

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Tue Jun 27 15:32:43 CDT 2006

I find it incredibly ironic that Kansas always get's the perception that 
it's a "solid red" state (when most GOP folks are more libretarians..) and 
it appears that even the KANSAS Supreme Court is more to the left than the 
new "Alito" court.  This, along with Hudson v. Michigan (the other recent 
Alito tie break - where the dissent talks about how this new court has 
thrown precedent out the window on the "knock" rule) kinda scare me.

We can talk about the war in Iraq, but there is a war going on here for some 
things that may, in the end, impact our everyday lives more.  I'm sure my 
old debate partner will be happy that she'll get to send more folks to the 
needle in Texas (she does Federal writ cases for Texas on capital cases)...

Here is a funny contradiction if you missed it...watch this shuffle...

>The Kansas court said the state's death penalty law improperly forced 
>jurors to
>impose a capital sentence even if they believed that the prosecution and
>defense evidence were equal in weight.
>The ruling affirms the court's long-held position that states should 
>how juries weigh factors presented by the prosecution and defense in 

Isn't the Kansas Supreme Court a state entity, the branch that determines 
what state laws mean?

Side note: how is contradicting evidence "equal in weight?" they must not 
judge many rounds :)

By the way, we have a female Democratic governor, now if only the federal 
level can follow with an executive that reflects how Kansans think.

Off to read the dissent, this should be interesting.

Thanks Scott,


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