[eDebate] specter considering law suit over excessive signing statements

Jim Bellamere j_bella0623
Wed Jun 28 18:23:51 CDT 2006

  Jake Stromboli <infracaninophile at hotmail.com> wrote:   
  if the best you can do is imagine the Constitution Protection League on the 
model of the US military so that your imagination is constrained to the 
wearing of uniforms and an array of buttons and pins on the shoulder like 
Navy debaters and field caps like the storm troopers in iraq, then that's 
  Our aluminum hats serve a great purpose in blocking neocon mind-control manuevers!  Is your hat on properly, Jack?  Do you wear rings on your shoulder and have chips on your fingers?  Our decoder rings ensure that anyone opposed to freedom and in support of war (WAR=BAD [the terminal impact of war is war]) cannot monitor our activities!  This is superior to private internet forums which may become compromised by neocons who run the internet (God bless you, Al Gore).  Do not be baited!  End transmission.

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