[eDebate] Which topic?

Brett Wallace bretagus
Fri Jun 30 15:16:35 CDT 2006

Many are concerned about the size that
overrule/decision allows...
If this is true it seems to dictate that people would
want to vote for the smallest possible list topic,
with four cases. 

Now, granted we chose a list topic with four cases,
the educational and affirmative flexibility that is
acheived through ex parte quirin casey milikin and
morrison is MUCH greater than 
morrison casey milikin and gratz. It fundamentally
means the whole topic is about race/womens rights,
with some interstate commerce througn in there.

Although I like the milikin and morrison cases and
know LOTS Of people actually DO want to debate
abortion, i think that the addition of quirin is MUCH
superior than gratz for sake of social issue diversity
and for teams who want affs with impacts apart from
oppression and federalism.

Now I like the Hamdan decision as a reason TO vote for
an ex parte quirin rez. It ensures there will be up to
date law reviews and literature that comes out just in
time for the topic to start, allows affs greater
creativity on their uniqueness claims about how hamdan
has effected quirin. Encouraging more current even
research is a good thing. Cases that are beign
discussed in the literature NOW is a good thing. There
is plenty of ev that i found in 5 minutes about a
healthy discussion goign on about what the real impact
of hamdan is going to be - symbolic/actual change,

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for a topic with this case
in the resolution. It is the ONLY one of its type, and
for all those policy/disad/impact hacks out there -
andrea, kearny, jennings, burshtyne, nikhil, kathyrn,
all us seniors who want this type of case to be
available to be run i advice vote for it unless you
want the politics disad to outweigh our affs every
debate. I mean really, we all know quirin is the only
saving grace to these lists in terms of good quality
big impacts.

Now back to reasons why it should be four cases...
-death penalty...dont mean to make this a clash of civ
vote but all you policy teams out there know that
there will be possibly one team that runs a non
critical death penalty aff..and from what i heard
about the treaties topic, goign neg against those
cases blew blew blew
-religion - see critical aff concern above ( PLUS,
this aff is only on the rez's that have the two
largest lists and then the one that doesnt have ex
parte quirin) 
-casey - from what i hear LOTS of people want to
debate casey SPECIFICALLY, and i feel the same way.
The lit  is huge both ways and something that attracts
novices quite well. (Despites the objectors, i feel
the supporteres are more numorous just most quiet
about it) ALSO! You can convince a catholic judge to
vote for abortion just by telling the story of your
-gratz im not too opposed to, but if we already have
milikin, doesnt seem another race case is in the
interest of EITHER education OR LIMITS. (since
affirmative action will be discussed PLENTY with
school desegregation) However, list number one is what
i proposed above, just plus affirmative action, i
woudlnt mind this rez that much either becuase its
only one more case and one that isnt bad. 

Anyways, the only topics that include both ex parte
quirin and casey...which, as i would imagin are the
two cases that have a large majority of people who
want to debate them, (except morrison and milikin
which are irrelevent because they are there anyways)
which are ALSO not WAY to big with a list of 7 or 8
cases on non connecting issues with apparently an
already poorly wordered/overlimited
topic....ARE...List One and list 6.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for one of these lists.
And please people voice their opionion. you SENIOR
JENNINGS, NOAH, im loooking at YOU) who are goign to
be GONE after this year NEED to get your voice out
because WE are the ones that have our last debate
topic ever, so we should ensure that we get a topic we
want. I hope other people post in agreement with this.
List 6 preferably or list 1 for the people who think
the rez should be alittle bit bigger. 

And seriously...i have talked to not a single person
who thinks the freedom of speech topic would be good.
Come on, that topic blows in comparison to casey and
exparte. If it did win i think i might go back down to
the AAA and debate national service. Alteast they have
heg advantages. 


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