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NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Wed Mar 1 06:09:16 CST 2006

Hi, everyone!  I put this in the invite on the debateresults.com site about 2 weeks ago, but the changes that I made got wiped out in the crash.  There aren't major differences between this schedule and the one in the original invite, but we have added another meal (pizza for dinner between round 7 and awards).  If you have questions, just let me know.--Neil

Friday, March 3:
12:00-2:00:  Registration on the 3rd floor of Woodburn Hall (the building with the clock).  Most business will already have been done via email.  You will only need to come by if you have hired judging for which you need to pay (everyone should confirm entry by calling Berch's cell phone on Friday morning, by or by emailing berchnorto at msn.com<about:blank> on Friday morning; we will register preferences via the Bruschke page, and judge conflicts will also be dealt with in advance).
12:00  Pairings for rounds 1-3 released on edebate and on the 3rd floor of Woodburn Hall.
3:45  Round 1-Please no tubs in buildings and no congregating outside classrooms until 3:20.
6:00  Round 2
8:15  Round 3 (box dinners will be provided in each building at the conclusion of round 2).
Tubs may be stored in all tournament buildings except Clark Hall.
11:00 (approx.)  Round 4 pairings released at Hampton Inn and on edebate.

Saturday, March 4:
8:30  Round 4 
11:15 Round 5
1:15  lunch
2:30  Round 6
5:45  Round 7
7:45  Dinner served in Woodburn Hall (pizza).
9:00  Awards Ceremony in Eiesland Hall.  Teams clearing announced.
Evidence storage only in Woodburn and Chitwood Halls, and the Business and Economics building (B&E).

Sunday, March 5:
7:00  Doubles pairings released at Hampton Inn and Woodburn Hall.  
8:00  Doubles-only Woodburn, Chitwood, and B&E will be used.
11:00 Octafinals (only using Woodburn and maybe 1 room in Chitwood)
1:00 Box lunches available.
2:00 Quarterfinals (these and all succeeding debates will be in Woodburn).
5:00 Semifinals
8:00 Finals

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