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NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Wed Mar 1 19:11:30 CST 2006

Hi, everyone!   Judge preferences for JV/Novice Nats at WVU are now up on the Bruschke page.  They will remain open until 8:00 am on Friday.  Note, however, that Jon has indicated he will be doing some work on the page prior to the deadline for second round applications.  So, pref early and not often (just once would be good).


There are 93 judges in the pool who are eligible for both divisions.  Thus, as indicated on the pref sheet, you should have 11 judges in each of categories 1-3, and 10 judges in categories 4-9 (with 9 being "not preferred).  Mark constrained judges as "Constrained", and count them as indicated on the Bruschke page (I believe as 8s).


For Novice teams, there are 106 judges.  Ignore the numbers offered by the system.  Novice teams need to put 12 judges each in categories 1-7, and 11 judges in categories 8-9.


If you run into problems, let me know.  Case list and further instruction info (slight changes in schedule for Saturday, etc.) should appear in the morning.  If you still need to get plan text info in, please do so.  If you've got judge conflicts I don't know about, or if have yet to tell me preferred division placement for your judges for presets, please do so.


Brief overview of the judges listed as WVU judges:


Andy Ellis is NOT really a WVU judge.  He will only be judging on Sunday.

Group the following judges:


Bandy, Bompiani, Harper, Marshall, N.Schaefer (formerly Chapin), Sword, and Zimmerman (formerly Newlon).  They are all people who debated for WVU and graduated within the last 5-6 years.  Except for Zimmerman (an accountant), they are all lawyers.  They are all on the policy side of the policy/critical "divide".

Josh Boggs is also a lawyer.  He's our assistant coach.  He's a middle-of-the-roader on debate philosophy.  I posted his philosophy on debateresults a couple of weeks ago, but it got wiped out in the crash.  I will repost later tonight.


O'Neal is a graduate student in Political Science.  She had no debate experience before this year.  She has served as an assistant coach and judged for us all year.  She is definitely not a K person.


Squire judged for us the last two years, and he's currently coaching high-level middle school debate (that sounds like a contradiction in terms) in Atlanta.  He leans to the policy side of things.


Dr. M. Schaefer is a former WVU debater, former coach, and got his Ph.D. in Political Science at WVU.  He's currently teaching at Marietta College.  He leans to the policy side of things.


Wilson is a former WVU debater who judged for us the last two years.  He's currently teaching middle school.  He leans to the policy side of things.
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