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Please copy these for your staff and/or debaters:

ROOM ACCESS-I'm putting this at the top, because it is vitally important to our being able to continue hosting tournaments.  Other than picking up pairings, etc., debaters and tubs should not enter any building other than the Mountainlair Student Union until 3:20 pm on Friday (not 3:10, not 3:15).  Classes will be in session until then, and I had to work really hard to get our administration to allow a 3:45 start.  Indeed, there will be 3:30 classes as well in several buildings, so please be quiet and considerate as you prepare to start round 1.  I know all of your students are excited about debating in a national championship tournament, but our non-debate faculty and students are more concerned about their classes.  Please note that the Mountainlair has food, a copy center, plenty of seating, and even a post office.


PLAN TEXT LIST-available late Thursday afternoon via edebate.  Let me remind you that this is not intended to be a comprehensive case list.  Rather, it is intended to aid in reducing pre-round coaching for rounds 1-3.  Use it in conjunction with the fact that pairings will be released at noon on Friday.


PREFERENCES-will remain open on the Bruschke site until 8:00 am Friday.  Let me know if you run into problems.


PAIRINGS-for rounds 1-3 will be released on edebate and on the 3rd floor of Woodburn Hall at noon on Friday.


DIRECTIONS TO CAMPUS-are in the invite on the Bruschke page.


PARKING-WVU debaters will be outside the Mountainlair parking garage on Friday between noon and 3 pm.  They will give you a pass for Area 9.  Parking in that area and anywhere else without a sign to the contrary is free on Saturday and Sunday.


CAMPUS MAP-can be found at http://www.wvu.edu/CampusMap/#downtown<http://www.wvu.edu/CampusMap/#downtown>


BUILDINGS IN USE-On Friday, novice will be in Armstrong and Hodges Halls.  Same for Saturday.  On Friday, JV will be in Woodburn and Chitwood Halls, and the Business and Economics (B&E) building.  It is likely that some round 1 debates will be in Clark Hall.  On Saturday, JV debates will be in Woodburn and Chitwood Halls, and the Business and Economics (B&E) building.  


On Sunday, all rounds in both divisions will be in Woodburn, Chitwood, and Business and Economics (B&E), with all rounds from quarters onward in Woodburn.


BALLOT TABLES-For JV, the ballot table will be on 1st Floor of Woodburn Hall.  For Novice, it will be on the 2nd floor of Armstrong Hall.  There will be ballot runners in the buildings as well, but if you don't see one, please take completed ballots to your ballot table.  Ballots for each round will also be available for you to pick up at those locations.


MEALS-will be available in two locations-the same as the ballot tables.  We will distribute box dinners (60 of which are supposed to be vegan-compliant) from Subway between rounds 2 and 3.  Just go to the food table and pick one up.  Drinks should be there as well.  Take your dinner with you and get ready for round 3.  On Saturday, we will have Chinese food (including a vegan tofu dish) for lunch.  Again, same two locations.  Dinner will be served after round 7.  This will ONLY be in Woodburn.  It will be pizza.  There will be a lot of it.  On Sunday, we'll do the box lunch routine from Subway again (after octas).  We will distribute in Woodburn, and you can take the food either to your rounds or to your vans.


JUNK FOOD-(and healthy snacks).  Available at same two locations (2nd floor of Armstrong and 1st floor of Woodburn).


OUTROUNDS JUDGING-Please be reminded that all judges are committed for the first two outrounds.  If you're eliminated and aren't used for the second outround, we'll get you your packet after that round is underway.


SCHEDULE-Here's a slightly revised schedule:

Friday, March 3:
12:00-2:00:  Registration on the 3rd floor of Woodburn Hall (the building with the clock).  Most business will already have been done via email.  You will only need to come by if you have hired judging for which you need to pay (everyone should confirm entry by calling Berch's cell phone on Friday morning, by or by emailing berchnorto at msn.com<mailto:berchnorto at msn.com> on Friday morning; we will register preferences via the Bruschke page, and judge conflicts will also be dealt with in advance).
12:00  Pairings for rounds 1-3 released on edebate and on the 3rd floor of Woodburn Hall.
3:45  Round 1-Please no tubs in buildings and no congregating outside classrooms until 3:20.
6:00  Round 2
8:15  Round 3 (box dinners will be provided in each building at the conclusion of round 2).
Tubs may be stored in all tournament buildings except Clark Hall.
10:30 or so  listening meeting with incoming CEDA Leadership-Hampton Inn meeting room.

11:00 (approx.)  Round 4 pairings released at Hampton Inn, Euro-Suites, and on edebate.


Saturday, March 4:
8:30  Round 4 
11:15 Round 5
1:15  lunch
2:30  Round 6

4:30  listening meeting with incoming CEDA Leadership in 101 Woodburn (while pairings are being done).
5:45  Round 7
7:45  Dinner served in Woodburn Hall (pizza).
9:00  Awards Ceremony in Eiesland Hall.  Teams clearing announced.
Evidence storage only in Woodburn and Chitwood Halls, and the Business and Economics building (B&E).


Sunday, March 5:
7:00  Doubles pairings released at Hampton Inn, Euro-Suites, and Woodburn Hall.  
8:00  Doubles-only Woodburn, Chitwood, and B&E will be used.
11:00 Octafinals (only using Woodburn and maybe 1 room in Chitwood)
1:00 Box lunches available.
2:00 Quarterfinals (these and all succeeding debates will be in Woodburn).
5:00 Semifinals
8:00 Finals



EVIDENCE STORAGE-On Friday night, you may store evidence in any competition room used for round 3.  On Saturday night, you may store evidence in any competition room in Chitwood, Woodburn, or Business and Economics.


OVERNIGHT PAIRINGS-Pairings for round 4 will be released on Friday night as indicated.  Pairings for Sunday morning outrounds will be released on Sunday morning as indicated above.  We will release the number of wins that each clearing team has after the awards ceremony.


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