[eDebate] "Lost USB Drive at D6 Districts Hotel"

Phil Kerpen kerpen
Thu Mar 2 13:37:29 CST 2006


Phil Kerpen
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Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 11:15:24 -0800
From: Jon Sharp <jonsharp at usc.edu>
To: kerpen at ndtceda.com
"Lost USB Drive at D6 Districts Hotel" 
jon sharp here with a plaintive request: 
There was a ScanDisk Cruzer Mini 256 USB drive left in one of the PCs in the business center of the Renaissance hotel (the tournament hotel) at D6 Districts this last weekend. It was last seen on Friday afternoon shortly before the start of Round I. 
There will be a significant reward to the one who can return this USB drive to me. The drive contains all of my debate work for the year, but that is of secondary import - it also contains the only copy of the bulk of my dissertation work. 
If you have found this USB drive, please contact me at one of the following way: 
jon sharp 
205.266.0523 (cellular) 
FnordGA at aol.com 
jonsharp at usc.edu

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