[eDebate] CEDA Nationals 2006 - hotel info

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Thu Mar 2 17:47:35 CST 2006

The hotel is completely out of doubles. We started with a block of 150  
doubles and they added some to that so we now have reserved virtually every  double 
in the hotel. They have added some king rooms to our block. Those rooms  will 
be gone soon. The tournament rate will only be honored for rooms reserved  
before March 9. So, if you haven't made reservations yet, now is the time.
Also, please check your entries versus the number of rooms you reserved and  
if you have more than you will need PLEASE post to edebate before you  cancel 
them and let's get them put in the name of someone who still needs  them.
If you really need doubles drop me a back channel with the number you need  
and I'll see if I can wrangle some out of the hotel and/or set up a block at an 
 alternative hotel.
Tim  Mahoney
Site Coordinator, 2006 CEDA  Nationals
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