[eDebate] HELP! Call D6 or anyone familiar with Piedmont

Donald Bryson anabaptist
Thu Mar 2 23:32:44 CST 2006

Here's the deal....

The Piedmont administration seems to be "struggling" with the idea of funding the Piedmont Debate Team.  They aren't threatening to cut us, but with the funding we have, it's hard to even make a good regional circuit (we went to 5 tournaments this year...3 were in state).

If anyone wants to help that'd be great. Now, you may be asking, "How can I help?"  One of two things would be great....

1) A letter to Dr. Janice Moss (our DOD) telling her to keep fighting the good fight of starting up a debate program.

or 2) A complimentary letter to the college administration about how wonderful it is to start a debate program, the benefits of a debate program...something like that.

I know this sounds desperate and no one should feel obligated at all.  If you could help that'd be great...we have a few debaters who just want to debate and we aren't getting very many opportunities.

If someone does send a letter e-mail it in either .pdf or .doc format to either myself (I'm the team president) or Dr. Janice Moss (the DOD).

Thanks for your time,
Donald Bryson

P.S.  I did this on my own...Dr. Moss knows nothing.
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