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FijiPapabear at aol.com FijiPapabear
Mon Mar 6 06:53:32 CST 2006

What a great experience this weekend at West Virginia.  Despite the  weather 
which Dr. Berch could not control, what he could control was  outstanding.  
With so many people at the tournament, I was surprised at how  efficient 
everything ran.  The debaters to deserve special praise, however  these four seemed 
to be everywhere at once, Kayden, Doug, Sam, and  Andrew thanks for being there 
for all of the UM debaters when we were hungry,  lost or generally needed a 
I would recommend that if Dr. Berch is willing to engage this lunacy again  
next year, that everyone attend this tournament.  Not for the wonderful  food 
and hospitality but because of the true feeling of community at  this 
tournament.  Dr. Berch thank you for providing us a forum to truly  share something 
greater than just debate, and that is an opportunity to really  know and engage 
our peers.  
Its been a long weekend and I am reduced to a cold/fever induced ramble,  but 
to summarize, WVU just kicks ass.  
Alex Acosta 
University of Miami 
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