[eDebate] WVU JV/Novice Nats--awards and thoughts

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Mon Mar 6 07:30:12 CST 2006

Team Champions (on a recount):  Liberty University (award to follow)
Team Champions (smaller programs):  Western Connecticut
Neil Butt Judging Award:  Mike Baxter-Rochester 
Best Newcomer:  Corey Casbarro, Binghamton
Peter Borsay Memorial Award (someone who served in the military and uses the power of words for peaceful purposes:  Caleb Edwards and George Hodges, Kansas State
John Jacobsohn Memorial Award (someone in the debate community who has done significant public service):  Will Baker, New York University, New York Coalition, IMPACT Coalition, etc.
M.L.  Sandoz, Vanderbilt University
Alfred "Tuna" Snider, University of Vermont

Thoughts:  lots of folks asked us yesterday if we intend to host this again next year.  I discussed it informally with my team last night, and we would like to do so (on the same weekend March 2-4).  4 things about that:
1.  If a sizeable number of schools that attended would prefer that we do not host, we will let the tournament pass to someone else (you can let me know that privately).
2.  I cannot yet guarantee that my administration will provide the support to make the fees/food situation the same (though I am fairly confident).
3.  It seemed to me that general consensus was that moving to a 6 round tournament (and still clearing half the field up to 32 teams) would be a good idea.  Please feel free to comment.
4.  We would be likely to move from a preference system to one where each team gets to strike about 30% (or a little more) of the pool, and then judging assignments would be random.  In many respects, that did happen this year, because of the number of people who were unusable until teams were out of the tournament, and because we continually allowed eliminated teams to leave right away.  By the way, thanks to those who gave extra rounds to make the preference system work.

I'd appreciate hearing other suggestions as well.
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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