[eDebate] WVU thanks and comments

Tim Dale timatsouthbend
Mon Mar 6 13:56:19 CST 2006

I want to echo the thanks and congratulations to WVU for hosting a great 
JV/Novice Nationals. The tournament was run beautifully, and coupled with 
the fantastic hospitality this was definitely one of the best tournaments of 
the year.

As for next year, we would prefer little change from the schedule this year 
at WVU. 7 rounds seems about right, and our students appreciated getting 
back to school in time to take mid-term exams this week. Because of the 
importance of class attendence at our school, we have had to avoid 
tournaments that last through Monday. (It is much easier to get a program 
off the ground when we don't have to explain to administration why students 
are missing 2-3 class days for a weekend debate tournament.)

I also want to thank everyone who has helped us restart our policy program 
at Notre Dame. We have received much support and advice from many of you, 
and have witnessed how welcoming this community can be.

-Tim Dale
Notre Dame Debate

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