[eDebate] Novice Nationals Semis and Finals

Kevin Hamrick krhamrick
Mon Mar 6 14:36:19 CST 2006

A splendid time was had by all:

Speaker awards:
5th  Jason Murray    Harvard
4th  Anusha Deshpande   Harvard
3rd  Zack Brown      Northwestern
2nd John Warden    Northwestern
1st  Tripp Rebrovick  Harvard

Harvard RZ (Negative) defeats Northwestern BM  3-0
Northwestern BW (Negative) defeats Kansas KP 2-1

Harvard RZ (Affirmative) defeats Northwestern BW 3-0.

Congratulations to Tripp Rebrovick and Leo Zimmerman (in his first college tournament) for winning the 31st Annual National Novice Championship.



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