[eDebate] WVU JV/Nov. Nats---WOW!!

DARREN ELLIOTT elliottdarren
Mon Mar 6 20:26:04 CST 2006

To Neil and his team,

The WOW part of the subject line says it all.  This was our 1st year 
attending the East Coast JV/Nov Nats and it will become a constant on our 
travel schedule.  You and your team did an excellent job and I cannot tell 
you how great I thought the whole experience was.  You all went above and 
beyond expectations and the hospitality was unbelievable.  Folks no one else 
provides such ammenites including dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on 
Saturday, and even lunch on Elim day, not to mention countless snacks and 
drinks all day every day.  All of this for the very low entry fee of ZERO 
dollars.  Additionally having prefs in both divisions is something 
tournaments do not do often enough and I think it sends a great message 
about the commitment to everyone debating.  Hats off to you for making this 
wonderful event happen and your admin. for supporting the job well done.  My 
only request is next year to not schedule me to judge on 1st floor Woodburn. 
  I think I gained 10 lbs during prep time of the debates I watched. : )

Let me add that the campus is beautiful, the facilities are perfect for a 
large tournament, and the awards assembly was great.  I am a fan of 
assemblies that take the time to celebrate debate and the great people in 
it.  It's also a great way for folks from different Regions to connect with 
one another.  Even as we were leaving one of your debaters (one of the 2 
women who had worked 1st floor Woodburn all weekend) took the time to turn 
from what she was doing preparing the lunch table and told me thanks for 
coming and making the drive all the way to Morgantown.  It was a good 
sendoff from a great weekend.  The WVU crew is amazing.  It took us 15 hours 
to drive there and 15 to get home.  And pulling in to campus at 6am on 
Monday morning did not bother me at all given what we had been a part of.  
Thanks to you and yours for being so welcoming!


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
CEDA 2nd VP Elect

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