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I would like to invite those of you who are considering graduate studies in Communication to apply to Pepperdine University for the Fall 2006 semester.  Although the priority deadline for applicants has passed, we accept applications up to May 1.   Our assistantships come with a full tuition waiver and a small stipend.  There is no teaching requirement for the assistantship, although some are required to work hours in our Speech Lab for public speaking students.  
  Pepperdine offers both an M.A. and M.S. in Communication Studies, with concentration areas in Intercultural Communication, Organizational Communication, Mediated and Mass Communication, or Persuasion and Social Change.  In addition, students can design their own concentration area with approval of the Graduate Studies coordinator.   

  You can find more information about the program at http://seaver.pepperdine.edu/communication/academics/graduateprograms.htm and online applications are available at http://seaver.pepperdine.edu/admission/information/graduate/default.htm.  
  Pepperdine has a full-service forensics program, offering policy and parliamentary debate as well as individual events.  Assistants work with team members preparing for competition, travel to tournaments as coaches and judges, and help with research and paperwork.  Our program is young (read many frosh/sophomores) and up-and-coming.  We have been first alternates for District 1 NDT the last two years, both times with two freshman.  We have a number of recruits looking at Pepperdine for next year that have high school experience and a lot of talent and hunger for success.  We have qualified IEers for NFA and have come close to qualifying for AFA the past couple of years.  In summary, we have a lot of potential for future success.       We travel to a few national tournaments with regional tournaments sprinkled throughout. We typically attend Gonzaga, Wake, the CA swing tournaments, Cal Berkeley,and CEDA Nationals (and the NDT when we qualify) as well as a small number of regional
 tournaments for policy debate.  We attend APU, Pt Loma, the Whitman Classic and NPDA Nationals as well as other smaller regional tournaments for Parli and IEs.          If I can answer any questions, please feel free to email me at sue.peterson at pepperdine.edu or call me at 310-506-4524.  I encourage you to get your application in as soon as possible to improve your chances of receiving an assistantship, as we have a limited number of full-tuition waivers to offer.       Pepperdine is a faith-based learning institution affiliated with the Church of Christ.  There is no religious affiliation requirement for admission and graduate students are not required to attend convocation, but faith in learning is a stated mission of the institution.  
  I look forward to hearing from you,

Sue Peterson
Director of Forensics
Pepperdine University

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