[eDebate] NDT Scouting '07

ssbauschard2 at aol.com ssbauschard2
Tue Mar 7 09:17:13 CST 2006

It's that time of year. Hopefully everyone knows the basics by now.
Two main things:
1) We need scouts.  As soon as you know who your scout(s) is for the NDT, please let me know ASAP.  Responding to this address is best.  We had nearly enough scouts for the D.C. NDT, but were lacking in scouts @ Gonzaga. Hopefully we can by more like D.C for scouting purposes.  Hopefully District 5 can make a little larger contribution here.
2) You should submit pre-tournament scouting information ON YOUR TEAM to this address.  Aff -- Full 1AC outlines of cases you have read this year as well as add-ons.  Neg.  Full cites for all off-cases positions you have read.  Basically, do what you do for the Wake tournament but by this point in the year you should be more thorough.
I'd like to post things by a week from tomorrow to give people time to take advantage of the information for the NDT.
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