[eDebate] 7 rounds, outrounds in hotel, etc.

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Tue Mar 7 14:00:25 CST 2006

Hi, everyone!  Thanks to all for your feedback.  I was somewhat surprised to find this morning that Morgantown does have a hotel with just about enough conference space to hold octas in two divisions (we may have to use a couple of sleeping rooms for the first octa--like Kentucky does; I'll be examining the space tomorrow for soundproofing issues).

Thus, we will offer a JV/Novice Nationals on March 3-5, 2007 (Saturday-Monday), with 4 rounds on Saturday, 3 rounds on Sunday, followed by doubles--all on campus (and I should have room for up to 160 teams).  Monday's elimination rounds will be at the hotel (cost is slightly higher than this year--around $85 per night).

We will deal with the other important issues that people raised with a package of changes:
1.  We will charge fees, probably similar to those charged by Georgetown last year.
2.  In order to count toward your commitment, a critic must have judged at least 12 rounds during the year.  Rare exceptions will be made if circumstances dictate.
3.  Schools may reduce their entry fees by $35 per extra round of qualified judging provided.  This will increase the quality of the judging pool tremendously; it will also allow a school bring two teams and two judges to trade judging for free entry.
4.  We will use some of the revenues to improve the quality of awards.
5.  We will use a modified version of MPJ (using 4 to 6 categories); together with the critic requirement and the generous buy-out provision, people should get both better and more evenly distributed preferences.  We will supplement that with strike cards for late outrounds.

Things that will stay the same:
1.  Provision of most or all meals.
2.  Mountaineer hospitality!

I thank Ken Johnson, Sarah Snider, and Jackie Massey for their concern about the opportunity for WVU debaters to compete.  I will talk that over with my squad, but my first inclination is to say that we will give our novices the chance to compete for a national championship at ADA Nationals, and we will give our JV debaters a chance to compete for a national championship at Johnson County.

I still welcome other feedback on how we can do this better next year.
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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