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After this past weekends NW CEDA Champs tournament, all I can say is  "wow."  
I had not been to the tournament in eleven years so when Jim  offered to pay 
travel expenses for some teams to come to the tournament I  decided to throw 
our hat in the ring and I can't tell you how happy we were to  be one of the 
six teams.
The tournament hospitality was first rate.  Food after every  debate.  The 
schedule was fantastic.  10:00 AM start times should be  the standard.  The 
massages and the acapella singing group (no joke) were  some of the most 
interesting and nicest personal touches I've seen at a debate  tournament ever.
Big thanks to Jim and Aaron who did a great job as hosts.  Thanks to  the 
entire Whitman debate squad and a big thanks to Dave Guidry who helped get  us 
around all weekend.
As an old CEDA guy, it is sad to see all the history and tradition  of my 
organization wiped away as teams have abandoned most of what used to  be the 
biggest tournaments in favor of the traditional NDT tournaments.  NW  CEDA champs 
was one of those truly great tournaments and I think with what Jim  is doing 
for that tournament it will come back.  I really hope that next  year more 
folks come out to the Northwest.  I know we'll be back.

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