[eDebate] Nov/JV nats

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Mar 8 10:41:14 CST 2006


I am interested in having this tournament return to Baltimore, I am not
speaking as towson, but more inquiring to see what it would take to get
folks to come back here. There is towson interest in pursuing the return of
this tournament, and i have a lot of interest in it returning here, but i
dont want to jump the gun and say we will host it without seeking serious
community input. So either back channel or publicly tell me what we need to
account for in building a new towson nov/jv nats and i will use it to inform
our discussions and proposals. I agree with neil and think that the aim
should be to find a tab room director who will be independent of the
competition.I believe this is a precondition for towson even considering
hosting. I also would like to move to sat-mon format. I have been a
host,competitor, and coach at this tournament for years and i have come to
understand how important it is to the community and want to do anything i
can to make the tournament as valuable as it can be.
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