[eDebate] WVU course reversal? SAY IT AIN'T SO!

Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Wed Mar 8 12:21:51 CST 2006

Just the sight of the subject line on Neil's post in the index of my 
digest made me shivver.

I urge WVU to hold the tournament again. Minor changes solve all salient 

A huge flood of complements and the tournament is gone because of 
Jimbo's post? Come on, this is debate ... and the balance of arguments 
should hold sway.

The Sat-Sun-Mon plan solves all of my concerns about the tournament.

We drove a long way and will do it again. An East Coast location makes 
it really difficult for our D3 friends and others.
There were lots of excellent places to eat. The Black Bear rocks. I had 
a good Mexican meal at El Mariachi.

We have a ton of tournaments during the year. I have seen MANY UDL 
students at tournaments. Schools affiliated with UDLs should offer a 
tournament and urge people to come. This is not a strong reason to dump 
WVU, and I speak as someone who has been involved in the UDL movement 
since the beginning.

Ever worked in a restaurant? Some people are always unhappy. My crew had 
no problem. Why not stay at WVU and switch away from Subway?

Monday? Friday? Class?
We cannot have a two day tournament. Something's got to give wherever we go.

We need to establish and keep a location for this very important 
tournament. Otherwise it will be marginalized. I say WVU unless CEDA 
will host and sponsor a tournament that moves from region to region and 
that people bid for.

Please join me in urging Neil to reconsider his withdrawal.


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